Volunteer Driver Assistance, Activity Scheduling, Mapping and Reporting.

Scheduling, Managing all the verious activities of supporting a volunteer organisation, can be quite daunting. Time spent creating Schedules, Maintaining volunteers, Activities, Care Centers, Drivers and Expenses has been grouped together to keep each section of the functionality in the same place.

  • Trip and Care Center Scheduling is contain in it's own section.
  • Volunteer Activities, along with available Volunteers is grouped together.
  • System Administration is all group under its own section, making the system very intuitive to use.

Each Client, Volunteer, Care Center, Destination and Lodge, when saved, The System checks for a good address, This is vital, as each location is GeoCoded using Google Maps, and stored as Londitude and Latitude in the Database. When a Trip or Activity need to be performed, uptodate maps and routes can be given to the Driver of Volunteer to provide the best route to the Client, saving many dollars in travel expenditure.

Potential Users

Rural Communities where the need for Voluteers is greater


The Ability to Schedule Daily / Rides or Activities for a Client to a Care Center, plus scheduling Verious Other Activities

Google Maps

All Clients, Volunteers, Care Centers and Lodges, have their address calculated by using Google Maps, this aids in providing up to the minuite traffic routes to and from the Client and Care Center and reduces the cost of travel

Community Volunteers

Volunteers in the Community are a central part of rural life, having a centralized location where volunteers can be organized is a great asset to any community.


The Ability to Manage Volunteers from any Mobile Device, or from home on a Snow Day !

Activity Locations

Care Centers can be any Medical Facility, Dr's, Opticians etc, Activities can be configured to any location, even Wal Mart !


Particular focus has been on maintaining a constant style of interface to make the learning curve of the end user a lot smoother by have very similar designs in each screen very easy to read.


Training is available and can be given on-line, there is also a help system built into the system, to provide assistance when needed. Support is also available via Email, and is included in the monthly cost.


Pricing is based on the number of users, data migration from your existing system and will depend on the number of clients and Care Centers, plus any additional data that needs to be migrated.

Clients / Sponsors

Many of our New Clients are very happy with the on-line portability of our System with the ability to be able to use it from any web based device.